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Before choosing a wooden floor, one has to consider a few important factors, since wood is a natural living element and each wood specie has its own natural characteristic, which one needs to bear in mind at the time of selection.

The most important factors to consider are:

  1. Wood Specie:
    Each wood has its natural characteristic and performs uniquely once installed on the floor. Depending upon the area of use and the purpose of use, our experienced sales team will be glad to suggest the ideal specie for you.
  2. Area of use:
    This not only means the actual area where the wooden floor will be used, but also the general climatic condition of the geographic region, as also the temperature control systems installed at the site. This is because depending on the natural characteristic of the wood; each wood specie reacts differently in different environment.
  3. Purpose of Use:
    Depending on the traffic of the place where the wood flooring is to be installed or the purpose or as simple as aesthetics, our sales team will be glad to assist you to choose the correct wooden floor.
  4. Care & Maintenance:
    Each natural wooden floor demands a different care and maintenance regime. Moreover the type of surface finishing as well as the purpose of use and the area of use also decide on the care and maintenance regimen to be followed. Our sales team will be glad to suggest you the correct care and maintenance that your wood flooring requires.
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