Bespoke Luxury Flooring

The Parquet Co. has recently launched unique bespoke luxury wood flooring that is considered a work of art. Created painstakingly in in different regions of Europe one piece at a time — each piece is individually crafted and is distinct from the other. Assemble them together and the end effect is an artsy wooden floor so personal — there is none similar to yours anywhere in the world.

The other very interesting wooden floor option launched by The Parquet Co. is the introduction of contemporary and elegant looking designer parquet in easy to lay tile format. Inspired by the age old and forgotten craftsmanship which had adorned palaces and castles of France, Austria, Spain, and other European countries; this craft has been revived once again by The Parquet Co.. Exquisite wooden flooring crafted with floral and geometric patterns; the likes of which one may have only seen in paintings of the Renaissance period.

It doesn’t stop at that; not only can you choose from a large and extensive design range offered by The Parquet Co. but you also could choose to create your own custom designed floors to suit your The Parquet Co, own personal style and statement – a service offered for the first time in India only by . You give us the design or pattern that you wish and we will gladly get it specially created for you.

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